Los Angeles Kids Martial Arts Classes

Beginner Kids Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In July

PKG is a great place to get your children involved in the martial arts--and the martial arts are the perfect way to keep your kids motivated, focused, and fit. The friendly crew of world-class instructors at PKG will keep your kids engaged and interested in a fun, professional environment.

Your kids will have a blast while learning valuable skills that will benefit all aspects of their lives.


Studies have shown that the benefits of martial arts extend well beyond improvements in physical well-being, especially in children. Martial arts training improves focus, patience, and determination resulting in better performance in school. The confidence boost that your children experience after training with our world-class instructors will be something they will carry with them through any challenge.

But we don’t stop there. In fact, we help kids excel in all areas of their lives. Just take a look at what you can expect when you enroll your child in the Kids Martial Arts classes at PKG Training Center:

  • Fun and safe fitness: Our Kids Martial Arts classes will boost your child’s endurance while helping to build a strong, healthy body
  • Great for your child’s mind: Our martial arts classes for kids will help your child focus better, which can lead to better grades in school
  • Important self-defense skills for kids: We’ll teach your child how to handle everything from bullies and peer pressure to unwanted advances from strangers
  • Better Behavior: Our Kids Martial Arts classes will improve your child’s behavior by providing a release for pent-up energy

When kids take our martial arts classes, they get a workout like no other, and they learn a whole slew of important life skills they just can’t get anywhere else, making it the best activity you can give to your child!


With everything that the Kids Martial Arts classes at PKG Training Center have to offer your child, there’s no reason you’d want to wait to get started. And with new classes beginning this month, you don’t have to!

To get all the details about these incredible classes, just complete the short form on this page. When you do, we’ll present you with everything you need to get your child started in the fascinating world of martial arts at PKG Training Center!

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