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PKG Training Center BJJ Los Angeles

I had been looking for a Boxing gym on the west side for a long time and there are slim pickins. A friend knew of PKG opening up and told me to check it out because he knows the trainers personally. The place is fantastic. Brand spankin' new facilities, tons of bags, plasma screens, etc... But that isn't why you should check it out. It’s got a staff of world-class trainers (literally! ex-pros, celebrity trainers... hell, the boxing instructor was even used on National Geographic's "Fight Science"... he had the hardest punch of all of the martial arts on the show!) It seemed intimidating at first, but after one lesson I knew it was the perfect choice for me (an interested beginner). Prices are really reasonable and even in large classes everyone gets some one on one time.The only problem is I'm totally obsessed with it now and go five days a week, but maybe that's NOT a bad thing. Check it out. It’s the real deal.

Doug C.

PKG Training Center BJJ Los Angeles

PKG is hands-down the cleanest, most professionally-run Mixed Martial Arts gym in the area. I have trained Muay Thai at gyms all over Los Angeles for over five years and find this place to be the most impressive. All the instructors are highly-respected former or current fighters who are attentive, positive and encouraging. Each class is extremely challenging, both technique and cardio-wise. I've seen countless newbies come in and within weeks of consistent attendance, show leaner, transformed bodies. Many gyms I've belonged to have had a testosterone-fueled competitiveness or ego, which I do not find here - everyone from man to woman, young to old, beginner to advanced is welcomed with open arms. There is also an elitist or cult-ish vibe I've experienced at nearby gyms, which is also nonexistent. They value me as a client and create a warm, family environment that makes me want to show up and sweat! I have referred many friends and will continue to do so.

Billie S.

PKG Training Center BJJ Los Angeles

I was scared as hell to try boxing. I thought I'd get weird looks and cold shoulders. I thought all the dudes would run me out of there for being an amateur poser. But that all completely left my mind once I went to PKG for my first boxing lesson.

Everyone I've interacted with - Tahi, - the owner, Chad, Louie, all of the guys that work/teach/train - has been the most welcoming, understanding, patient and kindest person to a newbie like me. I've been training here 3x per week for almost two months now, and I am absolutely in love with both boxing AND this gym.

This is one of the greatest workouts you'll ever get - it teaches you discipline, coordination, timing, and most of all, kicks your ass for an hour with both cardio and strength training. Joining PKG helped me lose 18lbs (in two months) in addition to the 19 lbs I had already lost when I joined.They are patient here and will take you through everything so you can be 1) a boxer or 2) a healthier person.

Don't be intimidated or scared; they will help you become a healthier and more focused person. Also, women have a locker room with shower, and there are complimentary facewashes, lotions and even deodorant in there! And don't forget free towel service. Prices vary on discipline here, but it's well worth the price when you see what you get out of it. I'm adding Muay Thai as soon as I get better on the focus mitts in Boxing.

Ana F.

PKG Training Center BJJ Los Angeles


PKG Training Center BJJ Los Angeles


The facilities are top notch, the trainers are all super cool and friendly, the feeling is professional, everything is super clean, and all the students seem to be working hard.It definitely feels like the kind of place where if you take it seriously, you can become a serious Bad-a**. Highly recommended.

Otis F.

Offered by a co-worker to checkout a boxing class at PKG, I instantly got hooked. Came in at about 160lbs and with in 3-4 months I dropped 17lbs. Started with only Boxing slowly got into Muay Thai and looking forward to starting Jiu-Jitsu .Great place to learn different arts of fighting such as Boxing, Muay Thai (kickboxing) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They also offer one on one personal classes.Very friendly environment that has great professional coaches with years and years of experience. If you're tired or running on a treadmill or lifting weights everyday you need to come here. I guarantee that you will never be bored and immediately get hooked. I guarantee that you will see instant results in just weeks!


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