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West LA’s Premiere Martial Arts Academy

PKG is LA’s premier Fitness Training Center for MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Our focus is to get you in shape just like the fighters. Choose your own workout plan from our full range of customizable classes. We service all levels of fitness and fighting experience. We will work with you to meet your goals and create a custom training plan for you as an individual.

Want to add to your skill set? Have a hands on trainer to customize your workouts? Or just want to be fit like a fighter? PKG’s SIGNATURE 1 on 1 training program is designed to get you in the best shape of your life while training just like the pros do in a private 1 on 1, hour long training session.

Our gym is brand new and we offer the latest training tools and facilities. The PKG Training Center is located in Westwood and easily accessible for those living throughout the Los Angeles area. Our clients currently come from all over the Los Angeles Area Santa Monica, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Culver City and San Fernando Valley

Our Facilities

Training Ring

Spacious mat space

Male and Female locker rooms

Showers, Towel Service

All equipment needed for your first visit


  • I had been looking for a Boxing gym on the west side for a long time and there are slim pickins. A friend knew of PKG opening up and told me to check it out because he knows the trainers personally. The place is fantastic. Brand spankin' new facilities, tons of bags, plasma screens, etc... But that isn't why you should check it out. It’s got a staff of world-class trainers (literally! ex-pros,... Read More

    Doug C.
  • PKG is hands-down the cleanest, most professionally-run Mixed Martial Arts gym in the area. I have trained Muay Thai at gyms all over Los Angeles for over five years and find this place to be the most impressive. All the instructors are highly-respected former or current fighters who are attentive, positive and encouraging. Each class is extremely challenging, both technique and cardio-wise.... Read More

    Billie S.
  • I was scared as hell to try boxing. I thought I'd get weird looks and cold shoulders. I thought all the dudes would run me out of there for being an amateur poser. But that all completely left my mind once I went to PKG for my first boxing lesson. Everyone I've interacted with - Tahi, - the owner, Chad, Louie, all of the guys that work/teach/train - has been the most welcoming, understanding,... Read More

    Ana F.